George Omer Nalo is an African who rose from the shatter of war classroom to a world class university in Eastern Africa. He is inspired by his own story when at 14 years old decides to leave his country in search for a better education when back home was only death and destruction. Knowing from the missionaries and his elder brother Bakri, the importance of education, he wanted to acquire it as a tool to use as a weapon against poverty and marginalization. Today, he is one of the most radical African youths whose vision is to re-write the African history not on a paper but through mindset change.

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A story like mine has been documented to showcase the uniqueness of humans. Gifted or not, challenging ourselves to achieve our personal purposes is just a click away from an art of making a choice and staying faithful to it for as long as you achieve it.

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” Imagine Being George is a memior of a boy who had dreams, believed in them and chased them as he pinned his all hope on a PEN as a weapon to change the world.”


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This is my first attempt to put my life’s journey, experiences, and thoughts on paper. I tried to take hold of my life at an incredibly immature age, shaping my current personality and making me a stronger person. I would not have been if I had failed to take one bold step. You cannot claim to have known me if you do not know where I come from, which is my defining line. It is a sacred place; I not only call it home but native country. It is where my creation started. I cannot be complete without tracing my roots, or, for that matter, my parents’, and forebears’ origins. People, my grandparents, whom I unfortunately never had a chance to see or be held as their grandson as I would have loved, but guess has been that my father’s dad must have been a powerful man in the society.

Not sure if that was how my destiny was to be written, I could loudly N argue that my educational thirst pushed me to do certain things and I wonder if that was me when I look back. But to this day, this experience will live with the next generation for as long as the age of the world continues. And putting it down on paper makes it more germinal. What is more harvesting is that after attaining it, I am giving back to communities, children, youth, continents, and the world when they need it most. Learning a skill or having the opportunity to lift others with what you have is one proof of being a human being according to me. With a significant concern for furthering my education after the collapse of every little hope in 2012, I was forced to look into paths leading me to my desire. I do not remember how my friendship with James came to hold so much. But I can recall when I was seated in a small room you would call a restaurant sipping some tea in the evening

I have attempted to write the following account of myself from my childhood memories, I still hold dear and seem fresh as if I were not existing or talking to my young self about the paths I would travel through later in life. I have taken no pains or grudges about my style of enjoying an active life while trying to pursue my dreams. Whatever never worked out well, I work to improve it each day, and what has proven great, I try to make it better. It has been the journey of one unique human being whose future was already stoved by wild imaginations that zoomed in on a future that would never seem real. My early life is a bunch of gratitude holding dear to special moments created by my beloved family and neighborhood. A place I called home once will always be called home twice. As it is common for many rural Sudanese, who are renowned pastoralists, exact dates of birth are not papered accurately, but those whose parents followed Islamic ways had their children well documented. I was born in the Nuba Mountains around November 28, 1998, in South Kordofan State, and my memory dates the events


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"I felt his presence by my side as I read line by line of the book. I then realized that it is indeed true that there are humans who everyday wake up to make extraordinary choices that transform our world, George is among them"

Elem Felix

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"I couldn't imagine being George that is why I had to purchase a copy to know why I couldn't imagine. It is one of my best memoirs I have ever read that has left me not just motivated but challenged to be a more human"

Ronah Tumesiime


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